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Bill Fulton (stage name – Amethyst the Wizard) has been teaching magic group and private magic classes for ages 9-19 who wish to perform either close-up or stage magic to entertain people for the past 6 years.

Presently he is only teaching in greater Little Rock, Arkansas.  Perhaps later he will design internet magic lessons for those in other locations.

Most lessons are one hour in length and cost $30/hour plus ($0.50/mile) travel if over 2 miles from the Heights in Little Rock.  Most lesson begins with a review of previous magic lessons, followed by new magic design specially for each student and for their age range.  Some magic props will be short-termed loan to students until they decide to purchase a prop.

Mr. Fulton was named the “Magician of the Year 1997” by the local International Brotherhood of Magicians in Little Rock.  He is a member in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and is a past President of IBM Ring 29 (the local magic society) in Little Rock.  Bill's interest is close-up magic and stage magic with a dash of humor.  He was named "Magician of the Year, 1997" by his fellow magicians.  He has won several awards for his stage magic routines as Amethyst.   Bill taught magic to kids in the UALR Community School of the Arts before moving the program to Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church.

He is married to Liz Fulton, 1997 Arkansas Teacher of the Year and Presidential Award in Science Teaching.  They have been married for over 30 years. They share similar interests in their family, grandchildren, friends, love of nature, animals, great sunsets, travel, good stories, art projects and humor.

Bill was raised in North Little Rock and taught science in the Fort Smith Schools. He worked for the Arkansas Department of Education for 36 year before retiring to do magic full-time. He has worked with elementary through high school teachers and students in environmental and science education.  Bill served on the boards of the National Council of State Science Supervisors and the Arkansas Science Teachers Association. 


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Advanced students can attend a special Art of Illusion and Stagecraft as a Performing Art Workshop for those who wish to perform for larger audiences.  Click on the Art of Ilusion and Stagecraft Workshop.



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A Student Photographs Have Been Altered To Protect the Students' Identities

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Wizard School 2010 with  Joey Williams One on One Instruction Coin Magic Magic class with Richard Knoll

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Money Magic

Silk Magic

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Card Magic Lesson
Money Magic Lesson Silk Magic Lesson More Silk Magic
Linking Rings Stage Box
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Stage Magic - Linking Rings
Stage Magic - Magic Box
Stage Magic - Flower Magic
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If you live in or near Little Rock, Arkansas contact Mr. Magic, 8912 Stagecoach Road, # 7, Little Rock, AR 72209, (501) 455-6242 for your magickal supplies. Call Jim Henson for the best magic supplies and information on local wizards.  

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